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How to choose perfect password?
Article published on March, 2005.

If you are regular internet user, you have dozens of passwords. E-mail, FTP, forum accounts, online bank account passwords, etc. Password is required almost everywhere. For example, i have over 20 passwords! Here are 7 things that you SHOULD NOT use as passwords:

1. Your phone number.
2. Your address.
3. Your Social Security number.
4. Year and date of birth.
5. Your middle name, surname or name.
6. Any names of people you know.
7. Any month of the year.

Also don't store passwords in text documents on your hard drive. Don't store passwords in you wallet or in notebook. Don't tell your password to anyone. Don't use same password over and over again. Have at least 3 complicated passwords in rotation.

Think about password that would only make sense to you. Something that isn't connected to your real life in any way. Good password should always be a combination of letters and numbers. Also you should mix lowercase letters with capital letters.

Let's make secure password that is easy to remember! For example, my father is doctor. Word "aspirin" is connected to my father so i will use it as my password, because it's easy to remember. Let's replace first and last letters to capital letters. Now we have word "AspiriN" as password, but it still is not secure enough. Now i'm going to replace "i" with "1" and "s" with "5". Now password is "A5p1r1N". Last step: add your favorite digit at the end of password. My favorite digit is 8. Final result: "A5p1r1N8". It's very secure password that is easy to remember and that can't be guessed.

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