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Remove EliteToolbar (EliteBar) adware toolbar.
Article published on February, 2005.

EliteBar (ELITETOOLBAR VERSION xx.DLL) is IE toolbar. Component of SearchMiracle. It's adware application / toolbar that may serve advertisements even while you are not surfing the internet. This application may serve various types of advertising, not limited to popup ads. It may also blocking antivirus programs. How to remove it?

1. Download EliteToolbar Remover 1.1b from our server or it's latest version from

2. Restart in safe mode, before running this file. Tool should be run from safe mode. It will not be able to delete files in use by Windows, so running it from a regular windows session is useless. Readme file is included with complete details on the tool and the malware it removes.

3. Unzip downloaded file, run executable and click "Kill EliteToolbar" button:

4. Follow all instructions and restart in normal mode after removal process is done.

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