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SpyBot 1.3 DSO exploit fix.
Article published on February, 2005.

SpyBot is "must have" software for all responsible computer users. It can destroy the spyware and adware it detected without leaving much detritus behind. In SpyBot version 1.3 (final) there is a problem with DSO exploit. SpyBot detects it, removes it, but after next scan it appears again. The DSO Exploit is a security gap in IE. Microsoft did already repair this, so if you have all Windows updates and patches installed, it will not be dangerous for your system. SpyBot 1.3 will still find it, because it contains an invalid value. SpyBot just has to reset that value. Unfortunately, in the current version, it sets again an incorrect value, so it is found in the next scan. Here is what you should do:

1. Follow this link and download spybotsd131tx.exe file:

2. Run downloaded file and follow instructions. Notice that you MUST install this file in the same folder where you have SpybBot 1.3 already installed:

3. Finish installation and run SpyBot. Take a look at the version number by selecting Help -> About:

4. Updated version should look like that:

5. Done. Now you can scan computer again with your updated SpyBot version.

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