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10 Windows XP tips for beginners.
Article published on February, 2005.

1. Run older programs on Win XP by clicking right mouse button on program and choosing "Properties". Click on the compatibility tab, select the version of Windows that your program ran on and click OK.

2. Get all information about computer: selecy Start -> Run. Type: msinfo32 and hit ENTER.

3. Start Windows XP in safe mode by hitting F8 key while computer boots up.

4. Take screenshot by clicking Print Screen SysRq button on your keyboard. Then enter some graphical redactor like MS Paint or Photoshop and press CTRL + V.

5. Connect Win XP firewall: select Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Network Setup Wizard. Click YES, turn on ICF.

6. Hide files and folers: right click on selected item and choose "Properties". Choose the hidden option at the bottom of the pop up box and then click "Apply" and close it.

7. Identify your running tasks: press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and look at applications and processes.

8. Remove undeletable icons on desktop by clicking right mouse button on selected icon and choosing "Properties". Select "Hidden" and hit OK.

9. Change your computers name: go to Control Panel, cclick on System icon. Then select the computer name tab and give your computer a name. This name is how your computer is recognized on a network.

10. Find out your IP address: select Start -> Run. Write: cmd (this will start DOS window). Type: ipconfig /all.

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