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Half-life 2 cheats, secrets, tips & tricks.
Article published on February, 2005.

Open all chapters: create backup copy of config.cfg file. Open text redactor (like notepad or wordpad) and find "sv_unlockedchapters" entry and change its value to 15.

Super defence by Zero-Point Energy gun: take something (chair, bottle, whatever) while using Zero-Point Energy gun. Now enemies can't hurt you.

Easy killing: always point your gun to enemy head. This will help you to kill enemy with one or few shots.

Bonus sequence: after the credits, wait to see the headcrab, being pursued by the scientist. Then, watch him pounce on your head.

Eliminate Barnicals: to effective kill Barnicals, wait until they come close and then hit with the crowbar.

Some valuable command line parameters:
-fullscreen - Run game in fullscreen mode.
-startwindowed - Run in window.
-dxlevel NUMBER - Set number from 7 to 9. This is useful for older videocards like GeForce 2 (set number to 7 or 8 if you are experiencing problems like black screen).
-preload - Load all data before entering level. This will eliminate long LOADING...
-sw - Software rendering for weak hardware.

To use cheat codes, select Half-Life 2 icon, right click on it and select "Properties". Click the Launch Options button, then type "-console". Click OK. Start Half-life 2 and load your saved game. Press ~ (near button "1") button to bring up console. Enter "sv_cheats 1" and hit ENTER. Now cheating is aviable and you can enter chets in console:

notarget - NPC characters ignores you.
impulse 83 - Spawn airboat.
impulse 101 - Get all weapons.
impulse 82 - Spawn a jeep.
impulse 200 - Hide weapon.
god - God mode.
mat_yuv 1 - Black and white screen. Set 0 (zero) to get color screen back.
noclip - Walk through everything.
buddha - Reduce health.
maps - List maps.
+mlook - Enable mouse look.
sv_gravity NUMBER - Set new gravity value.
sv_stopspeed NUMBER - Set minimum stop speed.
sv_friction NUMBER - Set world friction.
cl_phys_timescale 0.00 - Slow time. This value may be from 0.00 to 1.00. 1.00 is default.
air_density NUMBER - Change air density.
dsp_explosion_effect_duration NUMBER - Set length of explosion confusion.
mat_numtextureunits NUMBER - Limit texture units. Set 0 (zero) to let computer decide.
setpos COORDINATES - Move yourself to other place.
showtriggers_toggle - Show triggers.
mat_normalmaps 1 - Show normal maps.
mat_normals 1 - Show surface materials.

You can change map by entering "map MAPNAME". Here are all map names: d1_canals_01, d1_canals_01a, d1_canals_02, d1_canals_03, d1_canals_05, d1_canals_06, d1_canals_07, d1_canals_08, d1_canals_09, d1_canals_10, d1_canals_11, d1_canals_12, d1_canals_13, d1_eli_01, d1_eli_02, d1_town_01, d1_town_01a, d1_town_02, d1_town_02a, d1_town_03, d1_town_04, d1_town_05, d1_trainstation_01, d1_trainstation_02, d1_trainstation_03, d1_trainstation_04, d1_trainstation_05, d1_trainstation_06, d2_coast_01, d2_coast_03, d2_coast_04, d2_coast_05, d2_coast_07, d2_coast_08, d2_coast_09, d2_coast_10, d2_coast_11, d2_coast_12, d2_prison_01, d2_prison_02, d2_prison_03, d2_prison_04, d2_prison_05, d2_prison_06, d2_prison_07, d2_prison_08, d3_breen_01, d3_c17_01, d3_c17_02, d3_c17_03, d3_c17_04, d3_c17_05, d3_c17_06a, d3_c17_06b, d3_c17_07, d3_c17_08, d3_c17_09, d3_c17_10a, d3_c17_10b, d3_c17_11, d3_c17_12, d3_c17_12b, d3_c17_13, d3_citadel_01, d3_citadel_02, d3_citadel_03, d3_citadel_04, d3_citadel_05.

Change weapon in similar way. Write "give WEAPONNAME". Weapon names are: weapon_357, weapon_alyxgun, weapon_annabelle, weapon_cubemap, weapon_smg1, weapon_shotgun, weapon_rpg, weapon_pistol, weapon_physcannon, weapon_frag, weapon_crossbow, weapon_crowbar, weapon_cguard, weapon_bugbait, weapon_ar2.

Now you have all the weapons you want, but no ammo. To get ammo write "give AMMONAME". Ammo names are: item_ar2_grenade, item_ammo_smg1_grenade, item_ammo_crossbow, item_ammo_357_large, item_ammo_357, item_healthvial, item_suit, item_rpg_round, item_ml_grenade, item_battery, item_healthkit, item_large_box_srounds, item_ammo_pistol_large, item_ammo_pistol, item_box_srounds, item_ammo_smg1, item_large_box_mrounds, item_ammo_smg1_large, item_box_mrounds, item_ammo_ar2_altfire, item_large_box_lrounds, item_ammo_ar2_large, item_ammo_ar2, item_box_lrounds, item_box_buckshot.

You can create various NPC creatures by writing "npc_create NAME". Names are: npc_zombie_torso, npc_zombie, npc_vortigaunt, npc_strider, npc_stalker, npc_seagull, npc_rollermine, npc_poisonzombie, npc_pigeon, npc_mossman, npc_monk, npc_metropolice, npc_manhack, npc_launcher, npc_kleiner, npc_ichthyosaur, npc_helicopter, npc_headcrab_poison, npc_headcrab_fast, npc_headcrab_black, npc_headcrab, npc_gman, npc_fastzombie, npc_eli, npc_dog, npc_cscanner, npc_crow, npc_combinegunship, npc_combinedropship, npc_combine_s, npc_citizen, npc_breen, npc_barney, npc_barnacle, npc_antlionguard, npc_antlion, npc_alyx.

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