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SimCity 4 cheats, tips & tricks.
Article published on February, 2005.

Stay focused on land value and decide which way you are going to expand city. Keep industrial buildings, garbage dumps, power plants and "business contracts" (like army bases) far away from the area you want to develop as residental complex. When you are building police stations, schools, hospitals etc., take a look at covering field so all area is protected. Place financial buildings in the centre of residental areas and schools / hospitals near the residental areas. Save extra money before expanding city in case new area demands more energy and water than you expected.

To bring up cheat input window, press CTRL + X on your keyboard. Then enter cheat code and hit ENTER to activate it.

flora off - Removes all trees (flora). This process is not reversible.
recorder - Opens animation recorder.
DollyLlama - Turns all your advisors into llamas. Use again this code to get your advisors back.
GOL - Begins the Game Of Life.
tastyzots - Toggles the display of zots. Zots are small icons that appear above buildings to indicate problems.
zoneria - Hides the coloring of undeveloped zoned tiles.
howdryiam - You don't need water any more.
fightthepower - You don't need energy any more.
weaknesspays - Increase funds by 1000.
you don't deserve it - makes all rewards available.
hellomynameis NAME - Change your name.
whererufrom NAME - Change city name.
stopwatch - Stop the timer.

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