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Cheats and hints for FlatOut PC game.
Article published on February, 2005.

Like many arcade racers, FlatOut employs a system where most of the game is initially locked forcing you to complete the earlier levels to progress. When you first begin, you are presented with a budget of $4000 and a small selection of cars to purchase. The cheapest cars are almoust unusable. If you don't want to spend long hours completing tracks with slow cars and no money, you can use few cheats and tricks. Games are suppose to be fun, right?

1. Enter GIVEALL as your profile name to get all cars and unlock all tracks.

2. Enter GIVECASH as profile name to get $40000.

3. Enter RAGDOLL as your profile name to eject driver every time you press CTRL button.

Notice: when you are done, cheat profile name will disappear and you can fill in what ever name you want.

4. Get extra money by editing player001.sav file. Open this file with any HEX editor or Notepad. Change value 86 with FF.

Visit FlatOut official homepage for more information.

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