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Smart pr0n hiding tutorial.

Every proud internet surfer should have his own collection of naughty pictures and video files. I bet you want to hide it from others (girlfriend, brother, sister, mom, grandma, whatever). Here are few tips:

1. Check out folder protection and folder hiding software. Search google for "file folder protection", "easy folder hiding" or something like that. I found this trial version: Hide Files and Folders v.1.89 - works on Win95/98/ME/NT4/2K/XP. Install it, reboot computer and run it. Your default password is "admin" - change it. Click on green + sign to add new protected folder. Sample picture:

2. You don't have to name your folders like "pr0n" or "moviez". Hide your secret files in C:\WINDOWS\ direcotry. Create folder like "System restoring" or "Dll library" or something even stranger. Regular users are afraid of WINDOWS folder, they don't even look in there. Even if bravest users look in there, they don't touch anything that looks like system files.

3. Enter Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Folder Options. Select "View" and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types":

Rename your secret files. For example, rename video.avi to video.iva or video.mpg to video.gpm. It's hard to rename each file one by one. To rename all files at once, click Start -> Run. Write "cmd" and hit ENTER:

Enter your secret folder and do as you see in sample picture:

Remember to save pr0n in strange WINDOWS folder, hide this folder and change extensions. Feel safe and sleep well.

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