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DC++ main chat commands.
Article published on January, 2005.

DC++ has handy built-in commands that you can use from main chat window. Take a look at sample picture:

Full list of aviable commands:

/grant - Grants a slot to the user of the pm window you type in.
/close - Close current window.
/help - Short help message.
/refresh - Refreshes list of shared files.
/away - Specifies a message to auto-respond in PM's while you're AFK (there's a default message so you don't need to specify one).
/back - Turn away message off.
/slots <#> - Changes number of slots to <#>.
/clear - Clears the main chat windows.
/ts - Switches timestamps in chat windows on and off.
/showjoins - Toggles joins/parts messages for the current hub.
/favshowjoins - Toggles joins/parts messages of favorite users for the current hub (requires showjoins to be enabled).
/search - Searches for .
/join - Joins .
/dc++ - Gives a comment about DC++ and shows the URL where you can get it.
/fav /favorite - Adds hub to favourites (also works in pm's from that user).

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