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Seven The Sims 2 tips and tricks.
Article published on January, 2005.

1. Don't pay any bills. Enter buy or build mode and select hand tool. Pick up and delete mailbox. Now you don't have to pay any bills.

2. Add custom radio music. Enter C:\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Music\%radio station%\ and copy your own MP3 files in to folder. Start the game, enter options menu, select music settings and radio station options. Now you can choose your own music.

3. Custom TV show. Copy AVI files to ...\The Sims 2\Music\%television station%\. Notice that AVI file must have 125 x 125 px resolution and frame rate less than 16 frames per second.

4. Social worker lives with you. Adopt a child and greet social worker before he rings doorbell. Now social worker will never leave your house. Also you can't save game, buy items and build anything anymore.

5. Remove censorship for your Sims while they are naked. Download Warning: this will only work with The Sims 2 version 1.0 (retail). This patch will modify the original game's executable file. See the included readme.txt file for important information. Use at your own risk.

6. Reset game to default. Sometimes you want to start everything all over again from clear sheet. You can do that by entering C:\My Documents\EA Games\ and deleting The Sims 2 folder. This will erase all created families, neighborhoods, downloads and other stored info.

7. Body shop secrets. Press F3 and F8 buttons on your keyboard while viewing sim in body shop. This will enable different views of your sim.

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