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Deus Ex hints and cheats.
Article published on January, 2005.


1. When you are at the underwater ocean lab (objectives must be completed) go and meet Jock and Gary Savage at the helicopter. Gary Savage will give you upgrade canister. Jock will say he needs to make room. You will get 500 skillpoints, but dont make room for the canister. Talk to him again and you will get another 500 point reward. Keep talking over and over again and you will keep getting 500 points every time.

2. Vanderberg Air Force Base (Level 12). Use code 5868 to activate first generator (reward: 100 skill points). Keep pressing "Use" button and you will get reward over and over again. Keep holding the key and get as much skillpoints as you want.


Before you do anything, backup user.INI file. Press T during game play, press Backspace to remove the word "Say" from the talk window, then type set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True to enable cheat mode.

god - God mode.
invisible - invisibility.
ghost - fly through walls.
allskillpoints - get all skillpoints.
allweapons - get all weapons.
allammo - get more ammo.
tantalus - kill current target.
opensesame - unlock door.
legend - secret menu.
allhealth - full health.
allenergy - full energy.
allcredits - 10000 credits.
fly - flight mode.
walk - disable flight mode.
allskills - gives you full skill points and upgrades them all.

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