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SimCity 3000 cheats and tricks.
Article published on January, 2005.

To use cheats press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C until you see small text box at left side of your screen. Type in cheat and press ENTER:

i am weak - everything is for free.
call cousin Vinnie - you will get some cash.
garbage in, garbage out - all garbage buildings are aviable.
power to the masses - all power plants are aviable.
water in the desert - all water plants are aviable.
nerdz rool - all industrial buildings become hi-tech.
pay tribute to your king - you get all rewards.
salt on - all water becomes salty.
salt off - all water becomes fresh.
the birds - birds fly over the city.
stop forcing advice - turn advisors off.
Terrain one up - terrain goes one level up.
Terrain one down - terrain goes one level down.
Terrain ten up - raises the terrain up ten notches.
Terrain ten down - lowers the terrain down ten notches.
force mortimer to say TEXT - Mortimer will say TEXT
force gus to say TEXT - Gus will say TEXT
force constance to say TEXT - Constance will say TEXT
force karen to say TEXT - Karen will say TEXT
force randall to say TEXT - Randall will say TEXT
hello - your sims salute you. - official website.

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