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How to write good business letter? Sample.

Types of business letters: covering letters, letters of application, letters requesting information, sales letters, letters of confirmation, letters of reference, invitation and thank you letters, memos or memorandums.

Form and style of business letters: language used in business letters, letter layout, sentences, paragraphing must be clean, clear, correct, complete, concise and correct. Think about reader when you are writing letter.


Address line

14 December 2004 (Atlernative: 14th December 2004)

Mr J Johnson
Operations Manager
Company name Ltd

Dear Mr Johnson
Revised Construction Schedule (Subject line is underlined)

Thank you for... (The paragraph begins at the left margin) ...your recent application for employment with COMPANY.

An interview has been scheduled for you on DATE, at TIME, with NAME. Her (his) office is located at FLOOR, room number NUMBER.

A test will be administered to you immediately following your interview, which will take approximately TIME.

If you are unable to keep this appointment, please call: PHONE NUMBER.
To confirm that you can arrive and you have recieved this letter, please call: PHONE NUMBER.

S Wilson (Mr)
Manager (Job title is underlined)

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