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10 reasons why you should use Mozilla FireFox.
Article published on December, 2004.

1. Tabbed browsing.
Using tabs you can display as many sites as you want in single window.

2. Popup blocking.
FireFox will block all the popup ads. Without exceptions. Sure you can still install plugin for IE that will block popups.

3. Easy text zooming.
With FireFox you can zoom text and make it as large as you want. Text zooming works even with fixed pixel sizes.

4. Multiple stylesheets.
You can choose multiple stylesheets for websites. You don't have to suffer because of lame layout - just change it.

5. Themes.
A lot of themes are provided in mozilla website. Choose theme that satisfy your taste.

6. Block images from certain sites.
Blocking images from certain sites is easy with FireFox. Protect your kids from adult content, protect yourself from annoying web banners.

7. Download Manager.
Download Manager is great tool to control all your downloads. You can even pause download and resume it later!

8. FireFox is free.
FireFox is freeware. While Opera is shareware, FireFox will cost you 0$ but you can still donate few bucks.

9. Advanced "favicon" support.
Supports a lot of file formats to be used as icon for your site: GIF, JPEG, PNG, MNG, XBM, BMP, ICO. You can even make animated icon.

10. Security.
FireFox is much more secure than IE. Maybe that's because FireFox is not so popular as IE, maybe that's because IE is just lame?

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