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AccessDiver configuration in 12 easy steps.
Article published on January, 2005.

AccessDiver is a software which can detect security failures on your web pages. It has multiple efficient tools which will verify the robustness of your accounts and directories accurately. So, you will know if your customers, your users and yourself can safely use your web site.

Step by step AccessDiver configuration:

1. Install and run AccessDiver. Select "My Skill" from top menu. Change it from NEWBIE to EXPERT:

2. Select Settings -> Access. Check "Let a BOT retries once again on abnormal replies (4xx/5xx)", "Always force a security test to begin" and "Never Stop - continue until the end":

3. Select Settings -> Search. Check "Use this feature during a search". Set 1 (Min) and 30 (Max) at "Size of usernames" and "Size of passwords". Take a look at drop-down menu at the bottom of window. Select "Put them at the top of your wordlists (FAST)":

4. Select Proxy -> Proxy analyzer. Select "Parameters" at right down corner. Check "Auto-deletion of bad proxies after a test completion" and "Auto-delete proxies based on their proxy level criteria":

5. Select ProxyJudge. Check level 4 and 5. Click right button and select "Verify all scripts". Check only working scripts:

6. Load your proxylist by clicking icon that looks like folder. Click "Speed/Accuracy Tester" button and wait until finish. Click "Confidentiality Tester" button and wait finish:

7. Mark all proxies and click right mouse button. Select "Delete everything non-operational and not anonymous", "Remove duplicates", "Remove proxy gateways" and "Find and remove FBI & US Army proxies from the list":

8. Select Save icon. Choose "Save proxies to a file (save IP addresses)":

9. Select Proxy -> My LIST. Select everything as you see it in picture:

10. Click on folder and open your proxylist. Select all proxies and click on checking icon. Now all proxies are checked:

11. Select Dictionary. Click on "Load combo file" button and load your combo file:

12. Now you are ready to test your site. Write URL and click on "Standart" button:

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